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These aren't your grandfather's persimmon woods!  Your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids are your power clubs.  For the same reasons they hit long, they're also hard to control.  You will struggle with these clubs unless you have the right ones for you.   We'll gladly help you get fitted for brands like Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, and PING.  The buzzword in woods is MOI or moment of intertia.  MOI is the clubhead's resistance to twisting.  To achieve a high MOI, manufacturers have to use technology to radically shift the weight as far away from the face as possible.  Most drivers on the market now have an extremely high MOI.  Some heads are built for slicers, and some are built for hookers.  Others can adjust both ways depending on the swing...make sure you let us advise you which heads will work better for your tendencies.  It's also vital that you're swinging the correct "flex" of shaft for your swing.  We can analyze different variables to help you determine this.

Golf Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids